Course Schedule


Course Summary:
  This class will survey the history of the United States from Reconstruction (1865-1877) to the present.  The lectures, class discussions, and written assignments will study America’s political, economic, and social development.  The class also includes research, organization, and analysis of historical sources. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

1.   Formulate a basic chronology of the political, economic and social developments of the United States from 1877 to the present.

2.   Compare and contrast the role of major ethnic and racial groups (African, European, Asian, Latin American, and Native American) in the American labor force, politics, and society.

3.   Evaluate the influence of industrialization, immigration, and urbanization on American society as well as the corresponding conservative and liberal responses.

4.   Critically analyze historical data that is pertinent to regional, urban/rural, gender, and status groups.

5.    Locate and identify geographical sites within the United States and the world and assess their importance for U.S. domestic growth and America’s strategic foreign involvements.

6.   Identify, evaluate, and summarize in essay form the significance of key events in the United States and the role of historical interpretation in their portrayal and understanding.

7.   Locate primary and secondary sources in the Library and on the Internet and examine, assess, and organize sources into a logical argument.  


Required Books:

. Paul Boyer, et.al. The Enduring Vision A History of the American People, concise 6th ed., vol. 2, New York: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2010. ISBN # 0547222785

This book is available in the Harbor College Bookstore or on-line. Copies are also on reserve in the Harbor College Library. If you have a learning disability please identify yourself to me via a personal e-mail. 


1)  Reading, Lecture, and Practice Test assignments:  Each week students should check the Assignments, Tests, and Surveys section of the Etudes site (http://myetudes.org ) You will not be able to access this site until the first day of class.  On the first day this site will instruct you about logging into Etudes ( http://www.lahc.cc.ca.us/How-to-access-ETUDES-f07.htm )At the Assignments, Tests, and Surveys the assignment will generally send you to that week's Module for the key questions and terms of the chapter.  The assignment will also ask you to read assigned pages or chapters in the text, listen to a recorded Powerpoint lecture at www.ellenjoiner.com and complete a practice quiz to check your understanding of the material. These weekly quizzes will be submitted to separate yahoo address. Each of the weekly practice quizzes is worth 10 pts. Throughout the course, several short on-line assignments will also be required along with participation in eight of the fourteen discussion topics that will be posted on the Etudes discussion board. Each participation in a discussion is also worth 10 pts.  After completion of the six required discussion postings you may continue to participate in the discussions for 2 pts. of extra credit for each week's discussion.

2)  Essays: Essay assignments will be explained more fully in the Essay Module and on that specific week's Assignments, Tests and Surveys. There will be two essays, 4-5 pages in length. Assignments must be submitted in a Word (.doc) format. Each essay assignment (outline, thesis statement, and essay) is worth 50 pts.

3)  Examinations:  Exams will be based on class lecture, text reading, and vocabulary. The exams will be a combination of true/false and multiple choice. The exams will be taken on-line.  They will also be found at the Assignments, Tests, and Surveys icon. (45 pts/exam)

4)  Extra Credit:  Noted in the class schedule are historical fiction films (some older and some more recent) that may be viewed for extra-credit. Three films may be viewed and summarized on the rtf. form located above the Course Schedule at this site. Extra credit assignments must be completed within the week they are assigned..(5 pts. credit/film- total of 15 pts.).

Grades will be calculated on a percentage basis of the total number of possible points.  90% of total points will be an A, 80%=B, 70%=C, 60%=D. Lower than 60% is failing the class.




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