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  Schedule & Explanations Readings & Primary Sources

 Please consult Assignments, Tests, and Surveys at the Etudes site each week for assignment details.

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Week 1 

Introduction to History 82



PART I-Monopoly and Upheaval, 1877-1914

Week 2 



Reconstruction and Laborís ďGreat Uprising"          



Reading Prologue not required.

Week 3 

Industrial Capitalism in the Gilded Age- 1877-1893


pp. 26-49 & Primary Sources: Leaves Me in Poor Circumstances-40;The Duty of the Man of Wealth-46.

Week 4           

Community & Conflict, 1877-1893                               

pp. 94-120 &  Primary Sources: Eight Hours for What We Will-102.                                                                                             

Week 5 

Institutionalizing Difference

Transforming the Workplace and Society, 1900-1914    

Analyzing Primary Sources

pp. 125-134, 144-157, 167-174 & Primary Sources:  An Ulcer on the Body Politic-132; The Colored Citizens Desire that Some Action be Taken-147.

Essay 1 due.

Week 6




The Progressive Movement

pp. 225-255 & Primary Sources:  Debs Attacks the Monstrous System of Capitalism-247; It Was a Murder and Nothing Less-254.

Exam 1 (1,2,3,5)

PART II- War, Depression and Industrial Unionism, 1914-1946

Week 7 

Global Involvements-World War I, 1914-1920       

pp. 279-329 & Primary Sources: Let the Capitalists Do Their Own Fighting-286; I Didnít Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier-287.


Week 8 

The ďNewĒ Economy, 1920-1929      

pp. 343-352.

Week 9 

The Great Depression, 1929-1935                  

pp.391-439 & Primary Sources: Iím Going to Fight Like Hell-410; Werenít No Use Under Godís Sun to Treat Colored Folks Like We Been Treated-412-413.

Essay 2 due.

Week 10 

Industrial Unionism, 1935-39  


pp.445-473 & Primary Sources: President Roosevelt is a Friend-460; We Done It!-463.

Week 11 

The U.S. and World War II, 1939-1946                       

pp. 497-547

Exam 2 (c. 6- 10)

PART III-Cold War America and After, 1946-2010

Week 12 

Cold War America, 1946-60


pp.557-586 & Primary Sources: You Couldnít Have Elections-569; Asking No Favors-574; White People Wake Up-575.

Essay 2 due

Week 13 

The Rights-Conscious Sixties, 1960-1973


pp. 615-657 & Primary Sources: We Were Prepared-619; I Just Have To-620; Fight Them and Youíll Get Your Freedom-635.

Week 14 

The Shifting World Economy, 1973-1989


pp. 683-698, 707-729 & Primary Sources: They Have Largely Destroyed the Pride of Craft-689; I Have Very Little Hope-694; Liberate Us from the Liberators-701; You Donít Have to Know How to Cook-716

Essay 3 due

Week 15 

America in the Age of Global Capitalism, 1989-2001   


pp.741-766,776-783 & Primary Sources: You Work Your Hardest, Then the Next Thing You Know, Youíre on the Street Looking-744-45; These Workers Were in Tears-751;There is Blood in Every Dollar I Make-756.

Week 16             

9/11and After, 2001-2007



Exam 3 (c. 11-15)


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